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Series 2000 Hard Case retractable awnings from Eezi Awn provide the simple high quality solution for quick and easy shade - whether for a quick road-side stop or a longer campout.


The extruded aluminium outer case protects the awning. No dusty zips or dirty bags to worry about. Erecting the awing is a simple operation - possible with one person, but easier with two people.

No guy ropes or loose components to lose. Once you have practised a couple of times it should take no more than a minute to erect and a similar time to pack away. Perfect to ensure the awning gets  the use it deserves.

 Easy opening procedure...

1 Undo two clips on the case

2 Flip out the telescopic rafter poles

3 Unroll the awning - which is lightly spring loaded to keep the tension

4 Clip on the rafter poles (can be set to less than the full depth if necessary)

5 Adjust the upright legs to desired height and roof angle (ideal to protect from a setting sun)

6 Enjoy the shade...

 Casing Dimensions: 115mm Deep & 110mm High
(the Over-Centre catches require 32mm clearance above to operate)

Eezi-Awn’s fully retractable awnings are unique, self contained and maintenance free. Precision-made to the highest standards with top quality laminated PVC fabric housed in compact lightweight anodised aluminium casings.

Easy pull, roll-up torsion mechanism with attached adjustable rafter arms and support legs complete these simple to operate awnings.

 Series 2000 Retractable Awnings

  • 2.0m Long x 1.8m Out: 14 Kg Item No. RT49  
  • 2.5m Long x 2.1m Out: 16 Kg Item No. RT50 
  • 3.0m Long x 2.1m Out: 18 Kg Item No. RT52  
  • 3.5m Long x 2.1m Out: 20 Kg Item No. RT53  
  • 4.0m Long x 2.1m Out: 22 Kg Item No. RT54  

Easy care grey/white laminated PVC fabric is waterproof and rotproof (can be folded when wet) 




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