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There are four models in our hard top range – The Exodus 11, 14 & 16  

(The numbers refer to their length in feet.)

We used to call these designs ‘hybrids’ as they are a combination of everything that’s great about an off-road camper trailer and the  luxury of an on-road caravan. However, all of these hard tops are fully off-road recreational vehicles. No matter how far you go in your 4WD, an Exodus will follow.

Because the fibreglass shell is moulded in a single piece, you can travel over heavy corrugated roads in the certain knowledge it’s not going to crack at the seams, there ins’t any! And when you reach your destination, you can open the door and enjoy a dust free home. The seals and insulation on these campers create a protected enviroment – one that will keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat.  

The Exodus 11 will be preferred by those with smaller 4WD's or SUV's with their emphasis on size, weight and garaging, these owners typically do not need large internal living areas but appreciate all the systems, performance & conveniences our larger campers provide. Add to that internal single or double bunks can be fitted.

The Exodus 14 & 16, given their extra lengths have the option of an internal kitchen and toilet/shower. We can also fit it out with bunk beds and room to spare if you are travelling with kids. Both models can be customised to suit your exact needs and if you check the specifications you’ll see they all come with a complete range of standard equipment.


    Exodus 16                                                                                                               Exodus 14


Comfort & Design

The Hard Top Exodus range allows you to go on a fully off-road adventure and still enjoy the comforts and luxuries of home.  

You can choose to live inside it, or live outside it. There’s an option for an internal kitchen for those occasions when you want to lock out the elements. And there’s a comprehensive external kitchen for enjoying the great outdoors. Both are beautifully made and easy to use with plenty of storage for food and utensils. Both reflect our dedication to ergonomic design and ensure that everything you need is within easy reach.

When you go to sleep at night, you’ll float on a queen size, inner sprung mattress. You’ll be able to get into it without clambering over your partner. And there are shelves for books and individual reading lights for those of you who are night owls.

One of the great virtues of this range is the fiberglass shell. It creates a sealed but well-lit and well-ventilated environment, including full opening double glazed windows with mesh and privacy screens. The double-door has been designed so that you can sleep with only the fly screen closed and still feel absolutely secure. The Exodus range takes the hassle out of camping and puts comfort into adventure. There’s nothing quite like it.


Space & Configuration

The Exodus 11 is the smallest of the current Hard-Top models. But like its bigger brothers the 14 & 16, it’s what you might call a ‘Tardis’ on the inside, it’s a lot roomier than it looks with masses of storage and all with various Ensuite options they make the complete unit, and you’ll sleep on a full queen inner sprung mattress that feels like home & there’s shelving, lighting & power everywhere. A central dining table where you can eat or just sit and relax is perfect. Life is easy when you’re towing it across country.

On the outside, there’s our full kitchen & masses of pantry. Eat in, eat out, the choice is yours. You’ll find plenty of room under the awning and you can attach a full Annex for extra room. Our innovative external shower and toilet is standard. In an Exodus you can cross some very rough ground without ever having to rough it.




Winner overall best quality Off-Road Camper 2018


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