Globe Trotter Roof Tent Models


A complete roof camping system designed for Trailer and 4WD vehicle installations.

  • Globe Traveller  
    - with 2m high walls suits 4WD and taller trailers/campers (bed width 1400mm)
  • Globe Trotter
    - with 1.5m high walls suits trailers/campers (bed width 1500mm)

Quick & easy to setup for a very comfortable enclosed sleeping area with a full 85mm thick mattress and enclosed bedroom with canvas or screen covers. Add walls, floor or even the built-in roll out awning for longer stays or bad weather.

Eezi Awn Globe Traveller 4WD & Trailer Roof Camper System (Includes Sleeping Area, Annexe Room and Rollout Awning).  Depending on vehicle and trailer height it may be possible to swap the same tent between your 4WD and a trailer - Ideal for when taking a trailer on a trip is not practical. 


 Pictured without walls in place

Weight: 95Kg inc walls & floor

Height: (folded) 200mm

Width: (folded) 1470mm

Length: 2200mm

Walls suit 2000mm mounting height

Mattress:  85mm thick x 1400 wide

Part No: RT20



Australian models use brown flysheets (not green as in pic)

Weight:  95Kg inc walls & floor

Height (folded) 200mm

Width (folded) 1570mm

Length: 2200mm

Walls suit 1500mm mounting height

Mattress: 85mm thick x 1500 wide

Part No: 




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